Merry Christmas everyone!

Its been a wonderful holiday season and today was a great day to spend with family and enjoy the day. Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season and was able to spend time with your loved ones and doing what you enjoy most. Merry Christmas everyone!

Want to be the hit of the Party?

Our Mirror Me Photo Booth is like no other photo booth. The Mirror actually talks to you, yep thats right. Guests can interact with the Mirror and have fun as it prints out a fun photo to capture your event! A magical interactive selfie experience! Not only is it a photo booth but so entertaining and will be the hit of your next event. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, graduations, any type of party or get together its a must!

Non of us are getting any younger......

You hear so many times "they grow up way too fast!" As a parent who enjoyed every little thing I could, I can not stress this enough. Every time they want to hang out don't EVER pass that by. As a mama who is heading into the "Empty Nest" years, its hard. So hard, as we head to the holidays its even harder and this comes straight from my heart. What I enjoy and treasure is looking back at all the adventures and memories we created together and the photos! I can look back at the photos and treasure the moments. Make sure you are creating an capturing moments every step of the way! We are here to help make sure you create those memories!

Seeing the holiday season thru a child's eye...

We forget with the business of everyday life how the simple things mean the most. As we have photographed many children with Santa the past few weeks, it is so fun to see the world thru a child eyes. So simple and exciting! Not wanting much more than a truck or a doll and most of all believing. Believing in the spirit of the holiday and the spirit of good in the world.

Holidays coming up too fast?

We can help take some of the holiday stress away with the perfect gift! A gift certificate for that hard to find one on your list! Please don't give your teacher another coffee mug, a family gift certificate is a much more meaningful gift they will love! Give us a call today and we can get that ready for you! 281-9312