Operation Military

Family Portraits

If you are a member or family member of the U.S. Military and are interested in having very special and touching images with a patriotic edge taken of you and/or your family before basic training, a deployment or during, or after your reunion, please contact Salt & Pepper Photography for more information.

Each session is free and includes an online portrait gallery and an 8x10 portrait.  We want to thank your loved one as well as your family for your sacrifice of service.

In the spring of 2014, my son started talking to me about the Military.  He was 16 years old so I wasn't too worried.  I figured he would soon forget we had even talked about any talk of this.  Yet the following spring, I found myself signing papers to give my blessing for him to enlist in the Army National Guard.  He immediately began his "one weekend a month" drills in Mankato for training.  On November 17th 2015, my son was officially sworn in.   As the new year came I knew the time was getting closer for my son to leave for Basic Training and my nerves were getting more intense.  I made sure we did all the traditional family things before he left: a family vacation with all his brothers both younger and older, mother-son bonding events and of course, a new updated family portrait. Nothing prepared me for the feeling I would have this June 5th, 2016 when Nick and I left home at 5:30am to Mankato where he would soon fly off to the other side of the country for basic training.  I would not be seeing my 17 year old son until the end of the summer, with very minimal contact if any.  I have always known the importance of a family photo but having my son away, I feel it in my heart now more then ever.  This has touched our hearts.  We have been able to visit with so many families whose loved one in the military is either in the process of training, deployed or coming home and in that spirit of honoring the sacrifice, we would like to offer a special offer to them.


-Lisa Lingle

Salt & Pepper Photography

Private Nicholas Hart