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Free Veterans Photos 

Salt and Pepper Photography is once again offering free studio portraits to local veterans and their families. During the weeks leading up to Veteran’s Day, past and present military members can have their photos taken in a personal, professional setting. We love to show our gratitude to those who have served in our nation's military while giving them a professional photo that can always treasure. All veterans and active duty service members are invited to participate. #veterans #payitforward #thankful #thankyou #saltandpepperphoto #rochestermn #midwestphotographer #military #veteransday #militaryfamily

*Starting November 1st and must have an appointment, call 226-4875 to set up your session today.

                                                        -Lisa Lingle

Salt & Pepper Photography


Operation Military Family Photos 

If you are a member or family member of the U.S. Military and are interested in having very special and touching images with a patriotic edge taken of you and/or your family before basic training, a deployment or during, or after your reunion, please contact Salt & Pepper Photography for more information.

Each session is free and includes an online portrait gallery and an 8x10 portrait.  We want to thank your loved one as well as your family for your sacrifice of service.

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